Communication Information Technology Systems LLP

ImageOur mission is Improvement of operation efficiency and safety of continuously progressive organizations in Turkmenistan and other regions of Central Asia by delivering of future oriented and high-reliable communication & IT Solutions.


Consulting * Design * Installation * After-sale service * Training


Main Activity

• PABX and VoIP installation

• Two-way RF communication system integration

• Fire alarm system

• RF & PABX/PSTN integration

• DECT system installation

• Microwave transmission

• Fiberoptic transmission

• LAN network design and setup

• Voice & Data transmission system

• Wireless broadband access

• HF/VHF/UHF RF systems for voice & data

• Voice & Data Security System

• Supervision and Data Acquisition (SCADA) & Telemetry system

• Access Control system: Card and Biometrical

• CCTV system with telemetry control and data transmission via coaxial

Telco, Fiber, RF and twisted pair

• Distributed CCTV network over Ethernet

• Public Address system

• AVL GPS system via common RF channels, GSM network and satellite

• Special projects of the governmental and military purposes





Contact information

Liaison Office Europe Annagasse 8-10,1st floor A-1010 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43-1 890 3212 10
Fax:+43 1 587 2058 91

IE “Kuwwat Merkezi” - Service Agent in Turkmenistan